The CAD/CHF Spot price tells investors how many Swiss francs they will receive for each Canadian dollar they trade.

Both are considered to be 'major' in the forex markets, with the Swiss and Canadian currencies listed as the sixth and seventh most-traded monies in the world.

The North American nation's currency value is mostly dictated by official economic reports, such as interest rate announcements, trade balance and unemployment levels.

However, the commodity markets also play a key role in its fluctuations, as Canada mines various base and precious metals, holds vast oil reserves and is a key player in the forestry sector.

The economic performance of the US impacts heavily on the value of the Canadian dollar, due to the close trading ties that exist between the two neighbouring nations.

Similarly, the trading performance of countries in the eurozone has a significant effect on the price of the franc, as does the nation's own economic progress and certain commodity markets such as gold and oil.

Both the Swiss franc and the Canadian dollar are used as reserve currencies, so their value may rise when traders are seeking a safe haven for their capital and demand for the monies increases.

The European currency is a more common option for most investors in this situation.

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Margin Requirements: 10.00%
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